About Us

At Rio Bravo, the most important thing we manufacture is repeat customers. From large national companies to smaller regional firms, our objective is to build quality carbon steel water tanks, mud systems, and buildings. Our mission is to build unsurpassed relationships with our customers. Established in 2005, Rio Bravo has steadily built its return customer list to become one of the premier tank builders in North America. Our engineers can offer a standard design or assist you in designing the exact tank to fit your needs. We specialize in custom-built carbon steel products, including:

  • Mud Systems - complete systems, on skid or mobile
  • Mud Tanks - slant or contoured bottoms
  • Water Tanks - blank or complete with pumps and motors
  • Waste Water and Water Treatment Tanks - all types available
  • Doghouses / Control Houses - with or without lighting
  • Generator Houses - with or without gen-sets
  • Pump Houses - up to 14 feet wide
  • Change Houses - curved or flat roof
  • Tool Rooms - all types available
  • SCR Houses - with or without components, insulation or AC
  • Fuel Tanks - with or without piping, pumps or containment
  • Trip Tanks - solitary skid or combined with Choke Manifold or Gas Buster
  • Other products available - pipe racks, pipe tubs, sludge tanks, cat walks, large vessel tanks, custom roll-off containers and frac tanks, and any other type of carbon steel building.

With an international presence, we save you money because of reduced labor costs. We employ certified welders and build to AWS, UL and API standards. Our two current locations house over 180,000 square feet of manufacturing space with overhead cranes, cutting and bending capabilities and complete painting facilities. If you’re in need of a carbon steel tank or building, please contact us. We’d love to add your company to our growing list of repeat customers. Our international expertise and high quality standards build greater customer value through low prices Our high quality standards and international expertise build greater customer value at lower prices.