Dog Houses & Change Houses

Customize your own carbon steel control house or drilling rig dog house or change house. Our most popular size doghouse is 8' x 8' x 32' with porches on each end. We can build to one of our standard designs or to your exact specifications. Crimp wall or straight wall, I-beam or C-beam, curved ceiling or flat, let our engineers take your drawings, specifications or photographs and help you design the right house to suit your needs.

Our typical doghouse has three doors, a knowledge box with a lockable slant lid with a 3' X 4' Plexi-glass window overlooking the rig floor, standard size foot locker, 2' x 5' work bench, and six 5’ dressing lockers.

Our two room change house, used by several drilling companies, is our most popular customizable building. With close to 100 units sold in the last two years, each design comes with a curved or crimped flat, 14 lockers, a 2' x 5' work bench with ½” table top, tool lockers with options for A/C, dressing benches, and electric.

Our basic paint system is a 3-Part system consisting of a near white blast, Epoxy primer, and a Urethane topcoat. Zinc based paint is also a favorite. Once you've decided to build with us, simply send us your paint specs and color preference and we'll provide you with a quality product that will stand the test of weather.

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Steel Dog House for Drilling Rig

Technical Drawings

» Change House

» Change House with Lockers

» Dog House with Double Porch